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Incident Response

Curtis W. Rose & Associates LLC provides a wide range of specialized services to commercial and government clients, to include:New paragraph

  • Computer Forensics
  • Expert Testimony
  • Litigation Support
  • Training
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Computer Intrusion Response
  • Reverse Engineering & Malicious Software Analysis
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Research & Development

Curtis W. Rose & Associates LLC provides expert computer forensic services and specializes in Piecing Together Computer Forensic Puzzles ℠

Curtis W. Rose is an industry-recognized expert with over twenty years experience in computer forensics, investigations and information security.

Mr. Rose is an accomplished author, and his works include Real Digital Forensics: Computer Security and Incident Response, Addison-Wesley, published in March 2005, and more recently Mr. Rose was the co-author of Chapter 2, Forensic Analysis, Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation, Elsevier/Academic Press, published in November 2009.  He has also been a contributing author or technical editor for many computer forensic and security books including, Anti-Hacker Toolkit, McGraw-Hill, 2002; Network Security: The Complete Reference, McGraw-Hill,  2003; Incident Response: Investigating Computer Crime, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2003; Malware Forensics:  Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code, Syngress, 2008; SQL Server Forensic Analysis, Addison-Wesley, December 2008; Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems, Syngress, 2013; Malware Forensics Field Guide for Linux Systems, 2013 and  Incident Response: Investigating Computer Crime, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2014. He has also published white papers on advanced forensic methods and techniques, to include Windows Live Incident Response Volatile Data Collection: Non-Disruptive User & System Memory Forensic Acquisition, March 2003 and Forensic Data Acquisition & Processing Utilizing the Linux Operating System, June 2001, 

Mr. Rose is a member of the International Board of Referees for Digital Investigation, The International Journal of Digital Forensics & Incident Response.

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